About Us

Sirori Tours was founded 2019 by the two partners in life and business Juma and Agnes the tour business is owned by HAZRA COMPANY LTD registered in Tanzania which was named after the initials of our blended family kids H-Habib, A- Azma, Z-Zuena, R-Rahim and A- Ahmed we decided to name this company after their initials in order to engage and inspire them in the idea so they will grow knowing their obligated to work hard to take the vision of the company far from where it is now.
We are based in Arusha northern zone part of Tanzania. We offer wildlife safaris, camping safaris, Mountain trekking, cultural, eco-tours, and beach holidays. We have professional Tour guides and an experienced team in organizing trips with a true passion for tourism. We will give you a memorable vacation by taking you through the natural beauty of Tanzania. We love vacations and we know how to create a memorable one, you will never regret brushing shoulders with us.

Our motto is simply: LET’S GO ON A VACATION


To provide our clients with a memorable and enjoyable vacation, with guaranteed services that exceed their expectations.


To be the number one Tour Company in showing the tourist attractions of Tanzania to the whole world

The story behind SIRORI name:

The name Sirori in Pare local language means (sweat bees) unlike other types of bees, sweat bees live alone in nests on the ground. Sweat bees are generally harmless, but they can sting you if disturbed. Sweat bees primarily feed on pollen and nectar of flowers, however they do need to supplement their diets with salt and moisture, which is why they are attracted to human sweat and called sweat bees.

This name Sirori was used by the founder’s Dad first business of public transportation in early 1980’s.He bought the first public bus on pare tribe land Same District and named it Sirori with phrases of pare language “sirori teina horo” means the small bees aren’t angry.This story has lived for decades and we decided to bring Sirori back and named it after our tour company to continue the legacy of our late Dad. Just like the Sirori character one of the very humble bee species family Sirori Tours practices tourism in a very friendly, humble and trustworthy approach, we believe every client who comes will have a memorable vacation and leave as a family.